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Light Gray 97% Purity Sodium Metabisulfite Powder Tech Grade For Leaching Agent

Light Gray 97% Purity Sodium Metabisulfite Powder Tech Grade For Leaching Agent

Light Gray 97% Purity Sodium Metabisulfite Powder Tech Grade For Leaching Agent

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Hunan
Brand Name: sx
Certification: ISO 9001/SGS
Model Number: 97% purity sodium metabisulphite

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 metric ton
Price: usd 280-320 per metric ton
Packaging Details: 25 kgs bag,1000 kgs big bag
Delivery Time: 5-8 days
Payment Terms: T/T , L/C
Supply Ability: 3000 tons per month
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Detailed Product Description
Name: Sodium Metabisulphite 97 Purity Other Name: Sodium Pyrosulphite 97 Purity
Color: Light Gray Or White Situation: Crystalline White Powder
Grade: Tech Grade,food Grade Usage: Preservative Antistaling Agent, Leaching Agent
Packing: 25 Kgs Plastic Woven Bag/1000 Kgs Jumbo Bag Mocular: Na2S2O5

Sodium metabisulfite/sodium pyrosulphite/SMBS





What's IT?

Sodium metabisulfite is white or yellow crystalline powder or small crystals, with a strong smell of SO2, specific gravity is 1:4, soluble in water, acidic aqueous solution, contact with strong acid is released SO2 and generate the corresponding salts, ,oxidized to Na2S2O6 for a long time in the air.


1. Bleaching agent for textile fibres, paper pulps.

2. Colors stripper and dechlorination.

3. Preparation of Indigo Vat Dye.

4. Solubilizing and acidyfing agent for leather industries.

5.Wastewater treatment.

Molecular Formula : Na2S2O5

Molecule Weight : 190.12

CAS NO .: 7681-57-4

Appearance : White Free Flowing Fine Crystal or Powder

Packing: Packed in 25kg plastic woven bag, 25kg Kraft paper bag, 25kg PE bag, 50


Property: white or light yellow crystal powder, a strong smell of sulfur dioxide,relative density is 1.4, easy to dissolve in water and glycerin, water solution. It has acidity,and its solubility will become large while raising the temperature and is less to dissolve in ethanol.

Packing : External packing is PP woven bag, Internal packing is PE bag,25 kgs, 50 kgs, 1000 kgs, and 1250 kgs bag packing.

Storage & defence: Stored in cool and dry place, avoid moisture and heat. No breakage, No mixed with oxidant and toxic matter. The storage period is 6 month since the production date. It should be transported by clean car, with covering matter, avoid rain.


Specification For Food Grade and Industry Grade :


Item Quality Index
Food Grade Industry Grade
Purity ( As Na2S2O5) 98.0% min 96.0% min
Sulfur Dioxide( SO2) 65.0% min 65.0% min
Arsenic ( As ) 0.0002% max -
Heavy metals ( As Pb ) 0.0005% max -
Selenium (Se ) 0.0005% max -
Iron (Fe) 0.001% max 0.002% max
Water insoluble 0.02% max 0.05% max
PH value : 4.0-4.8 4.0-4.8
Remark : Conformed with FCC V and E 223 Standard


Specification for Pharmaceutical Grade and Photo Grade

Item Quality Index
Pharmaceutical Grade Photo Grade
Purity ( As Na2S2O5) 98.0% min 98.0% min
Sulfur Dioxide( SO2) 65.0% min 65.0% min
Thiosulphate ( As S2O3) : 0.05 % max 0.05% max
Chloride ( As CL-) : 30 ppm max 50ppm max
Arsenic ( As ) : 1ppm max 1ppm max
Lead ( Pb ) : 1 ppm max 2ppm max
Copper (Cu) : 1 ppm max 1ppm max
Iron (Fe ) : 5 ppm max 5ppm max
Mercury (Hg) : 0.1ppm max 1ppm max
Chromium (Cr) : 1 ppm max -
Selenium (Se ) : 1 ppm max 5ppm max
Zinc (Zn) 1 ppm max 1ppm max
Cadmium (Cd ) 1ppm max -
Nickel (Ni) 1ppm max -
Na2SO3 + Na2SO4 1.5% max -
PH value : 4.0-4.8 4.0-4.8
Remark : Conformed with USP standard


Storage: Store the product in a dry and cool place.



(1) Food Grade: Bleach agent (e.g. candies, cake, bamboo shoots, etc); Loose agent (e.g. bread, cracker etc); Antiseptic and germicide (e.g. fruit juice, tinned food, brews, the cereals food is defended storage etc); Inhibitor and freshen agent (e.g. day lily, seafood, fruit and vegetable etc).

(2) Industry Grade: Mordant of printing and dyeing; Dechlorinate of textile after bleaching; Sulphonated agent and reducer of chemical industry and pharmacy; Bleach of paper pulp, bamboo and timber bleach of Stap; Treatment agent of waste water; Rubber solidifying agent Perfume industry is served as hydro carbon perfume aldehyde
The hide profession employ to do to molt dose and pliable dose and wearproof dose; sewage treatment, and so on .

(3) Pharmaceutical Grade: In chemical synthesis in the production of acrylic fibre, vitamin K, vitamin A, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc.

(4) Photo Grade: The sensitize industry is served as the developing agent reductant and the protection of fixing bath dose.

0kg/1000kg/1100kg/1200kg jumbo bag or as per the buyer's requirement.


Light Gray 97% Purity Sodium Metabisulfite Powder Tech Grade For Leaching Agent



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