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Anhydrous sodium sulfite effect.

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Anhydrous sodium sulfite effect.
Latest company news about Anhydrous sodium sulfite effect.
Anhydrous sodium sulfite effect.
Anhydrous sodium sulfite is common sulfite and dosage of sulfite, in printing and dyeing industry, anhydrous sodium sulfite can be used as deoxidizer and bleach, etc., is a kind of low cost high efficiency of printing and dyeing materials, also in the textile industry, anhydrous sodium sulfite is used for cotton fabric scouring agent, after scouring of cotton fabric, fiber strength can be done. In addition, anhydrous sodium sulfite also has a large number of applications in the photosensitive industry. More often, sodium sulfite is used as a developer. Secondly, it is the application of anhydrous sodium sulfite in the chemical industry. In the chemical industry, anhydrous sodium sulfite is used as a good reducing agent to produce phenylenediamine, sodium sulfide, water glass and so on. In washing industry, anhydrous sodium sulfite is used as a filler, play a big role, for the paper industry, if you want to produce high quality kraft pulp, must use anhydrous sodium sulfite as cooking agent.
Anhydrous sodium sulfite.
Pinyin name: WuShui Yaliusuanna.
Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite.
Page no. : 2000 edition 2 -52.
Na2SO3 126.04
The product contains no less than 95. % of Na2SO3.
【 traits 】 the product is white crystal or powder; Odourless.
This product is easy to dissolve in water and is very dissoluble in ethanol. It is almost insoluble in ether.
[identification] (1) the aqueous solution of this product (1 to 10) is obviously alkaline, and the solution shows the differential reaction of sulfite.
(2) the identification of sodium salt in aqueous solution of this product.
[check] the clarity and color of the solution is 1.0g. After adding water 2ml, the solution should be clear.
The sulfates of thiosulphate were 1.0g, and when the water was dissolved in 15ml, it was mixed with 5ml of diluted hydrochloric acid, and it was shaken for 5 minutes.
The iron salt takes the product 1.0g, with 2ml hydrochloric acid, the water bath is evaporated, the water is dissolved in a proper amount, according to the law (appendix g), and the standard iron solution.
Compared with the control solution made of 2.0ml, it should not be further (0.002%).
Heavy metals are obtained from the product 1.0g, according to the law (appendix H first law), and heavy metals cannot exceed 20 parts per million.
After the solution was dissolved in 10ml of water, 1ml of the salt was added, and then it was steamed to the white smoke on the sand bath, and the water was cooled, and the water was added to 21ml and hydrochloric acid.
5ml, according to the law (appendix J ii), should comply with the requirements (0.0004%).
[content determination] the product is about 0.20g, precise and precise, and precise addition of iodine titration (0.1mol/L) 50ml, dense plug, shake and shake to dissolve, in dark.
Place for 5 minutes, titrate with sodium thiosulfate (0.1mol/L), and at the near end, add 1ml of starch indicator, and continue to titrate to blue.
Loss, and the result of titration is corrected with blank test. Each 1ml of iodine titration (0.1mol/L) is equivalent to 6.302mg of Na2SO3.
[category] medicinal materials.
Storage: seal preservation. 
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