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Manganese carbonate MnCO3/ sulfate MnSO4 in animal feed

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Manganese carbonate MnCO3/ sulfate MnSO4 in animal feed
Latest company news about Manganese carbonate MnCO3/ sulfate MnSO4 in animal feed

The use of manganese carbonate MnCO3& manganese sulfate MnSO4 in animal feed such as chicken, duck, pig and fish

As feed additive containing manganese compounds with manganese sulfate manganese carbonate manganese oxide manganese chloride manganese phosphate citric acid manganese gluconate manganese acetate, etc., which are commonly used for manganese oxide manganese sulfate and manganese carbonate manganese chloride by easy to moisture absorption use few studies have shown that organic matter in the bivalent manganese had compared to the effectiveness of the biological, especially amino acid complex, but the cost is high, so there is no a lot of application the following we compare the different forms of existence and roughly the manganese compound.
1 Manganese carbonate is usually white powder with no specific shape and no odor. One of the main additives of Manganese is Manganese carbonate.
2 Manganese sulfate Manganese sulfate generally on the market for a water of crystallization of Manganese sulfate MnSO4. H2O, is a kind of pink powder In addition to containing 2 ~ 7 of manganese sulfate crystallization water, they can be well absorbed by animal manganese sulfate products along with the water of crystallization of decreasing the availability of the manganese is reduced, but the containing water of crystallization, the more the more easy to moisture absorption caking, processing is not convenient, and the influence of other components (such as vitamin) in feed stability, so a water of crystallization of manganese sulfate is also widely used.
3 Manganese oxide Manganese oxide added in feed of Manganese oxide is mainly a Manganese oxide (MnO), under the different baking temperature, it can produce different levels of Manganese oxide, such as 55% 62%, 60% respectively for brown Green, brown and green powder Manganese oxide chemical stability, high effective constituents content and relatively low prices, many countries gradually replace substitute/replace with manganese oxide manganese sulfate.

The researchers' study on the prevention and treatment of chicken tendonitis showed that the effects of the drug level manganese sulfate mnso4.2h2o manganese carbonate manganese oxide manganese and potassium permanganate were similar.However, some natural mineral manganese oxides manganese carbonates manganese because they contain more impurities and their special physical and chemical structure are not effective.A number of studies have shown that mno2 is superior to mno2, but it has been reported that mno2 has a higher utilization rate than mno2. Most of the studies suggest that pigs have the same utilization rate to mno3:

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We have conclusion that
1 ruminant livestock manganese content in the body is low, the demand for manganese is not high also, generally feed diet basically can satisfy, so similar to pig, not easy manganese manganese deficiency phenomenon occurred.
2 fish is close to the normal development of bones, and a high manganese content in the bones A low manganese feed (4 parts per million (PPM) feeding of rainbow trout and carp, found its tail handle exceptions and short, it shows that manganese important role in the normal development of fish bones Fish meal of manganese on the effectiveness of the carp is very highIn addition, the effectiveness of MnSO4 and MnCL2 on carp is also higher, while the effectiveness of MnCO3 and MnO2 is lower. In addition, when the calcium content of feed is too high (3-4%), the effectiveness of manganese will decrease.
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