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Mn & manganese sulfate absorption in poultry and livestock feed

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Mn & manganese sulfate absorption in poultry and livestock feed
Latest company news about Mn & manganese sulfate absorption in poultry and livestock feed

Mn & manganese sulfate absorption in poultry and livestock feed

In general, livestock from plant-based diet can obtain adequate amounts of manganese and manganese poultry must be added in the diet can satisfy the need that is because the main ingredient in poultry diet of corn with low manganese content (PPM) of 18 around highest manganese content in the feed bran in class in our country, the leaf powder toppings wide-stretching fields beans cake class class feed and animal feed so now most of The Times is in animal diet add right amount of feed grade manganese sulfate.

Manganese sulfate was distributed in all tissues of animals, and the concentration of bone, liver, kidney, pancreas and pituitary was the highest.However, there is less manganese in the tissues and organs of ruminant animals of pigs and chickens. Only the liver, spleen and bones contain more manganese, which is an indispensable trace element in animal husbandry and fishery feed, which can prevent diseases, promote growth and improve nutritional quality.

Feed grade manganese sulfate is white or slightly light pink crystalline powder, odorless soluble in water and glycerin, insoluble in ethanol, has a medium hygroscopic manganese sulfate (measured by manganese) content of 31.8%;Arsenic (As) content 0.0005%;Lead (Pb) content 0.001%;Water insoluble substance content 0.05%;The amount of fineness (through 250 mm screens) is 95%, i.e., 95% through 60 mesh screens.

Manganese is a composition of many enzymes Activating factor or auxiliary factor, plays an important role in the animal body Manganese sulfate is one of the important supplement of manganese, Zheng Xiaoshuai here to tell you about the physicochemical properties and the price of feed grade manganese sulfate reason animals manganese deficiency can lead to affect the absorption of the feed intake Growth to slow down Feed utilization rate reduce bone abnormalities and reproductive dysfunction, etc Compared with mammals, birds of manganese absorption rate is low, so the higher requirement of the dietSome scholars reported in 2002, from the goose egg hatching to raise to the age of 15, in the process of cheeper, fed a trace element manganese apparent lack of diet, found that goose spirit bad, inactive, feed intake, ankle swelling, obviously skeletal stubby, standing and walking difficult in 1991, some scholars reported with manganese based on corn, soybean meal diet feeding broiler chicken, leg disease incidence rate is as high as 56.7%.

Feed in crude fibre phytic acid tannins that hinder the absorption of manganese using manganese uptake is also affected by the protein level and source is commonly used in feed mainly inorganic manganese manganese chloride acid manganese manganese carbonate manganese dioxide and manganese oxide is thought to their biological titer in turn reduce many trace elements in foods will affect the absorption of manganese, cobalt, to a certain extent, promote the absorption of manganese and manganese and iron antagonism effect exists between the constant element calcium and phosphorus excess also have inhibition to the absorption of manganese.

China manufactory zhejiang ningbo sourcechem manganese sulfate MnSO4 high main content of heavy metals is far lower than the national standardGood stability, not easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate color and purity, and added into the compound feed can be better digested and absorbed by the animal body.

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