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Seafood preservative shrimp powder (sodium pyrosulfite)

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Seafood preservative shrimp powder (sodium pyrosulfite)
Latest company news about Seafood preservative shrimp powder (sodium pyrosulfite)

What is the ingredient in the preservative powder that fishermen use to catch seafood at sea? Seafood preservative knowledge -- shrimp powder (sodium pyrosulfite)

    Sodium pyrosulfite, as the scientific name of shrimp powder, is a chemical reducing agent to prevent the black degeneration of sea shrimps. After fishing, the fishermen often directly sprinkle shrimp powder on the boats, which is usually used more in summer, less in spring and autumn, and basically not used in winter. Sodium pyrosulfite is dissociated into sulfur dioxide, and when sulfur dioxide meets water, it produces sulfuric acid, which is reductive, can effectively control the Browning of aquatic products, block the physiological oxidation process of           microorganisms, inhibit reproduction, inhibit the activity of food oxidase and hair color gene, and thus has the function of bleaching, decolorization, antisepsis and anti-oxidation. The residual substance is sulphur dioxide, which is allowed by the world health organization to be 0.7mg/kg per person per day (measured as sulphur dioxide). When ingested in small amounts (about 1 gram per day), sodium pyrosulfite is rapidly oxidized to sulfate in the body, without causing major physiological disorders. However, 4-6 grams a day can cause severe gastrointestinal disorders, resulting in severe diarrhea, chronic effects can cause headache, and the sulfur dioxide produced can combine with thiamine in the blood to cause liver, brain, spleen and other organ lesions. In addition, sulfur dioxide can stimulate the respiratory tract, causing mucosal inflammation, edema, and damage to red blood cells.
     Sodium pyrosulfite can be used for dried fruits, fruits and vegetables, fruit drinks, preserves, wines, etc., but not aquatic products. In fact, most of the fishing boats are using this substance. The excessive use of sodium pyrosulfite is a common problem, which is mainly used in the production process (shrimp fishing boats). The local standard of our province, "quality requirements for Marine shrimp", refers to the use limit of sodium pyrosulfite (the limit of residual sulphur dioxide is 100 mg/kg). For the use of shrimp powder, absolute prohibition is neither unnecessary nor feasible, the key is to prevent excessive use and harm health. 

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