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Sodium metabisulfite(SMBS) manufacture process technology

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Sodium metabisulfite(SMBS) manufacture process technology
Latest company news about Sodium metabisulfite(SMBS) manufacture process technology

Sodium metabisulfite(SMBS) manufacture process technology

Sodium Metabisulfite (SMBS) is a sodium salt, white/creamy in color, and dissolvable in water. The chemical formula for it is Na2S2O5, an inorganic compound made up of sodium, sulfur, and oxygen, and used in many industries such as food, textile, mining, water treatment, and paper. Photographic industry ingredients used as a fixative. Spices industry for the production of vanillin. Preservatives used in brewing industry, rubber curing agent and the bleached cotton dechlorinating agent.

When producing Sodium sodium metabisulfite(SMBS), during the manufacture process there is SO2 gas can come from sulphur, pyrite, hydrogen sulfide incineration or other tail gas problem and waste treatment control .

1)waste water

No waste water generated in our factory.

2)Waste gas

1. Source and composition of waste gas

waste gas is mainly from synthesis tail gas, and drying tail gas, negative pressure induced air. SO2 content in each part

treatment measures for waste gas Waste gas emission value and quantity

1)processed by 2 grades soda liquid counter-flow absorption.

2)After absorption, SO2 emission concentration in the tail gas will be less than 50ppm. The emission speed is less than 2kg/h. These results are better than Chinese national emission standard Grade 1.

3)Absorption liquor will be returned to soda configuration post, no loss of sulfur and sodium ions.

Solid waste

No solid waste generated in our factory.

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