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The effect of manganese on human health

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The effect of manganese on human health
Latest company news about The effect of manganese on human health
The effect of manganese on human health

   When you think of dietary minerals, you probably think of calcium or iron first, not manganese, manganese carbonate/manganese sulfate. If you spend a lot of time thinking about nutrition, you might also think of zinc or magnesium. But there's a set of trace minerals, often less well known, and the trace elements we get from our diets are just as crucial to a healthy lifestyle.
    One of them is manganese. This can be obtained from MnCO3 carbonate and MnSO4 sulfate. In the 1930s, researchers found that our bodies needed a small amount of dietary manganese every day. Since then, it has been established that each adult has about 15-20 milligrams of manganese in his or her body. Needless to say, that's not a lot, in fact some people eat this much manganese in one day.
    Plant-based diets - as we have promoted in the world's healthiest foods - tend to be rich sources of manganese (manganese carbonate/manganese sulfate) in the world's healthiest foods, and we currently consider manganese carbonate/manganese sulfate/manganese dioxide to be excellent sources. We also have 38 good sources and 26 good sources. Together, these foods represent 85 percent of the healthiest foods in the world! This large variety provides you with many options for the manganese you need. Some of the essential nutrients in the body.



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