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Biodegradable raw material PBAT for Mailers Bags PLA film and bags processing white granule

Biodegradable raw material PBAT for Mailers Bags PLA film and bags processing white granule

  • Biodegradable raw material PBAT for Mailers Bags PLA film and bags processing white granule
  • Biodegradable raw material PBAT for Mailers Bags PLA film and bags processing white granule
Biodegradable raw material PBAT for Mailers Bags PLA film and bags processing white granule
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: TDS,MSDS
Model Number: C650
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1ton
Price: 1 usd per ton
Packaging Details: in 25kg bag
Delivery Time: 3-7 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 300,000 tons per year
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Detailed Product Description
Color: White MFR: 2.0-5.0
Density: 1.25-1.35 Name: PBAT
Feature: Soil Degradable Plastics


Biodegradable Mailers Bags PLA PBAT film and bags processing

Biodegradable polyester CHSW-200:
Mixed with PBAT, PLA, starch
Application: film and bags processing.

Product Details

Product Description:

CHSW-200 is a completely biodegradable film bolwing material based on PBAT, PLA and

starch, biodegradable and compostable, food contact grade, and its processing temperature range is wide. It can be applied to blown film process. Typical products include but not limited to supermarket shopping bags, various garbage bags, garment bags, industrial packaging, etc.

Changhong Biological PBAT Catalog

Standard: GB/T28206-2011

Grades CHSW100 CHC650 CHS700
Properties Pure Resin Calcium Modified Starch Modified
Density (g/cm3) 1.23±0.03 1.25-1.35 1.20-1.25
Melting Points (°C) 110-145 110-130 110-130
MFR(g/10min),190℃, 2.16kg ≤5 2.0-5.0 1.30-1.32
Moisture Content (%) ≤0.1 ≤0.05 ≤0.05
Carboxyl Content(mol/t) ≤50 / /
Color Values L value ≥70 / /
  A value ≤5 / /
  B value ≤10 / /
Flexural Strength(MPa) ≥3 / /
Bending modulus(MPa) ≥30 / /
Vicat softening point A(℃) 88.0±2 / /
Ash Content ≤0.1 / /
Tensile strength at break(Mpa) / ≥20 ≥20
Tensile strain at break(%) / ≥300 ≥300
Packing 25kg/bag or 950kg/bag
Application: Used for film blowing and injection to produce degradable products, such as vest bag, mulching film, disposable tableware, etc.

Biodegradable raw material PBAT for Mailers Bags PLA film and bags processing white granule 0Biodegradable raw material PBAT for Mailers Bags PLA film and bags processing white granule 1

Biodegradable raw material PBAT for Mailers Bags PLA film and bags processing white granule 2

Product Application:

film and bags processing

Biodegradable raw material PBAT for Mailers Bags PLA film and bags processing white granule 3

Due to the use of degradable plastics in soil, compost, ocean, and freshwater (rivers, rivers, lakes)
There will be different degradation behaviors in the environment, depending on different environmental conditions
Degradable plastics are divided into:
⚫ Soil degradable plastics;
⚫ Compostable and degradable plastics (including traditional composting and courtyard composting);
⚫ Marine environment degradable plastics;
⚫ Freshwater environment degradable plastics;
⚫ Anaerobic digestion of sludge to degrade plastics;
⚫ High solid anaerobic digestion and degradation of plastics.


PBAT belongs to thermoplastic biodegradable plastics
The full name of PBAT is polyadipic acid/butylene terephthalate, also known as Poly in English
The abbreviation for butyleneadipate co terephthalate is succinic acid succinate
A copolymer of alcohol ester and butylene terephthalate, which combines the characteristics of PBA and PBT,
It has good ductility and elongation at break, as well as good heat resistance and impact resistance
Can; In addition, it also has excellent biodegradability, which is one of the research focuses on biodegradable plastics
One of the most active and widely used biodegradable materials in the market.
Characteristics: PBAT is a semi crystalline polymer, usually with a crystallization temperature of 110 ℃
Nearby, with a melting point of around 130 ℃ and a density between 1.18g/ml and 1.3g/ml.
The crystallinity of PBAT is approximately 30%, and the Shore hardness is above 85.
PBAT has a relatively large market share and is currently the main source of biodegradable materials replacing traditional plastics
We need products mainly because PBAT materials have good mechanical properties and are relatively good compared to other materials
Degradable materials have lower prices and costs, and have lower substitution resistance.


PBAT is formed by direct esterification and condensation with BDO/AA/PTA as the main reaction raw material under the action of a catalyst. PTA, AA, and BDO are added to the slurry configuration at a certain molar ratio and mixed
After mixing and refining, it is transported to the esterification reactor 1. At a certain temperature and pressure, it undergoes two stages of esterification reaction to generate oligomers. At the same time, the water generated by the esterification reaction, the by-product THF, and the entrained BDO enter the separation process
Tower separation, esterification 2 oligomer enters polycondensation 1 for polycondensation reaction, undergoes a three-stage polycondensation reaction to generate polyadipic acid/butylene terephthalate (PBAT) melt, which is then subjected to underwater granulation, drying and dehydration
The main product PBAT obtained from water is currently in strong demand in the global PBAT market. Due to the high price of PBAT, China has good raw material production conditions. PBAT products are mainly used for export, industry
High concentration, large potential market, and good industrialization prospects.

Biodegradable raw material PBAT for Mailers Bags PLA film and bags processing white granule 4

Ningbo Changhong Polymer Scientific and Technical Co., Ltd. invests in the construction of "600,000 tons/year PBAT/PBS/ PBT flexible production project in a fully biodegradable thermoplastic industrial zone" in two phases, with 300,000 tons/year in each phase and a total construction period of 5 years. In the first phase, a production line of 100,000 tonnes/year will be built first, which can flexibly produce different products such as PBAT, PBS and PBT according to the market demand, and also has the ability to expand and modify the chain to produce other different grades of products. The first phase of the project is expected to have an annual output value of RMB 2 billion and an annual tax payment of RMB 120 million.

Subsidiaries List
NO Company Name Main products Location
1 Keyuan Holding Group Fine chemicals, Thermoplastic elastomer, Engineering plastic Ningbo,China
2 Ningbo Keyuan Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd Solvent cleaning agent Aromatic products Olefin products Asphalt products Ningbo,China
3 Ningbo Changhong Polymer Scientific & Technical Inc SIS,SBS, SEBS,SEPS, ES,BRS, Butadiene styrene resin K resin Ningbo,China
4 Ningbo Changhong Biological Material Co.,Ltd PBT,PBAT, Biodegradable material, THF Ningbo,China
5 Gansu Changhong Chemical New Material Co.,Ltd BDO, PBAT Gansu,China
6 Guangxi Changhong Biological Material Co.,Ltd Marble raw ore, High end modified Calcium Carbonate,Shoe material masterbatch,Degradable products,Agricultural film Guangxi,China
7 Guangxi Changke New Material Co.,Ltd Transparent ABS, High gloss and low odor ABS, Panel grade ABS,SAN,HIPS,GPPS Guangxi,China
8 Ningbo Guopei Petrochemical CO.,Ltd Asphalt and fuel storage and transportation Ningbo,China
9 Research Institute of Keyuan Holding Group R&D technical support
High performance styrene series resin research center
Special Rubber and Elastomer Research Center
Biodegradable New Materials Research Center
Polymer Material Modification Research Center


Q1:Where is your company located?

A1:Our company is located in the city of Ningbo, the second largest port in China. Geographic advantage provides much support to export business. PBT, PBAT factory is located in Shaoxing city, which is also close to Ningbo.

Q2: What’s the delivery incoterms?

A2: We supply CIF, CFR, FOB, EXW etc.

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NINGBO KEYUAN GROUP, above 1000 employs, China top 500 private manufacturer, we are a group company with 8 subsidiaries,mainly produce ABS,SBS,SEBS,PBT,PBAT,TPR,TPE,SIS,GPPS,HIPS,etc.

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Address: NO.102 Xinhui Road,High-Tech Zone,Ningbo City,China

Founded in 2007, Keyuan Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a large group company engaged in fine chemicals, thermoplastic elastomers, and engineering plastics in China. The headquarters of the group is located in the High-tech Zone of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. There are six major production bases in China, an asphalt and fuel oil storage enterprise, and a research institute specializing in the R&D of resin and rubber new tech, and biodegradable new materials.They are located in Ningbo, Zhejiang; Shengzhou, Shaoxing, Zhejiang; Fangchenggang, Guangxi; Hezhou, Guangxi and Qingyang, Gansu. The group is a national level high-tech enterprise and a 8 billion USD incubated enterprise in Ningbo City. It has been awarded national, provincial, and municipal honors,such as the China Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprise, Zhejiang Top 100 Manufacturer, and “Ningbo Excellent" 8 Billion USD Incubated Enterprise.


Keyuan Holding Group has a research institute with best experimental equipment in China and strong R&D capabilities. The group has more than one hundred national patents. By the end of 2022, the group has invested over 30 millions USD in research and innovation.


Keyuan Holding Group adheres to the concept of "green and low-carbon cycle" development, actively responding to the national sustainable development strategy and dual carbon emission reduction policies, increasing the degradable plastic development and layout of high-quality green and low-carbon new materials, to contribute China's efforts to solving the global "black and white pollution" problem.


Keyuan group determines to achieve the 15 billion USD production value within five years.It has completed the layout of the entire green chemical industry chain. Currently, it is accelerating the pace of upgrading the new materials industry in the upstream and downstream, continuously improving its comprehensive strength, and enhancing the value chain. Keyuan Holding Group is willing to work together with you to create a glorious future.

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Contact Person: Mrs. Kim Xie

Tel: +8613975090964

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